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DKM One stop solution
DKM One Stop Solution
With more than 10 years of experience in the construction of injection molding plants, we have complete more than 800 turnkey engineering services on plastic molding lines, and accumulated a lot of experience, technology and data. DKM turn-key supply can help you pay less unnecessary tuition fees and save your financial cost, time cost and opportunity cost.
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    DKM do not increase the service fee, not increase the price of hardware such as machine and mould, because your one-stop purchase, orders higher value, our hardware will inevitably decline in cost, though we have paid a lot of technical costs, human costs, but in general, both sides are win-win. And we guaranteed the entire project is subject to strict quality control
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    DKM One Stop Solution Display
    DKM one stop solution is a turnkey production line individually tailored to the requirements of customers with comprehensive service. It provides portfolio of plastic injection moulding machines, plastic injection moulds, robots, auxiliary equipment and tools, automation system and comprehensive service from the project audit to project running in the long terms.



    Auxiliary Equipment

    Automation System


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    DKM One Stop Solution Range
    DKM specializes in supplying one stop solution for complete molding lines for various plastic products. We are the ideal partner to provide flexible, efficient and complete lines satisfying your manufacturing requirements to help you start or expand plastic injection molding business with better overall injection molding productivity and profitability.
    INS Line
    Exterior Trim Parts Line
    Interior Parts Line
    Lighting Line
    Industry Dustbin Line
    Pipe Fitting Line
    Connector Line
    Water Dripper Line
    Air Conditioner Line
    Refrigerator Line
    Washing Machine Line
    Chair Line
    Table Line
    Stool Line
    Basket Line
    Household Dustbin Line
    Logistic Molding Solution
    Logistic Molding Solution

    Crate Line

    Pallet Box Line

    Pallet Line

    COMPLETE, CUSTOM and EFFICIENT plastic injection molding lines
    Typical DKM One Stop Solution Cases
    DKM one stop solution not only includes the equipment and tools which would meet all your needs, but the comprehensive service.
    Comprehensive before-sales consultation
    Peripheral system planning
    Smart factory planning
    The whole plastic molding system planning
    Injection technology services
    Integrated plastic molding and further process solutions
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