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Logistic Injection Molding Solution
Logistic Injection Molding Solution-DKM
  • DKM Logistic Molding Solution
  • •Efficient •Cost-saving •Stable
  • DKM Logistic Injection Molding Solution

    Leveraging over 20 years of experience, DKM builds innovative one stop solution for logistic part injection molding around customers’ exact demands, such as cost saving, space saving, energy saving, efficient productivity enhancing, part quality improving, automatic production requiring…, that’s why DKM could guarantee the customers’ successes in their logistic parts manufacturing business.

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  • One Stop Medical Part Injection Molding Solution-DKM
  • DKM Logistic Injection Molding Solution Highlights
  • Improve energy consumption - ensuring cost-effective production.
  • Full considering on throughout manufacturing process- making it easy to operate the line.
  • Flexible solution – increase the productivity at superior quality.
  • Increase return rate – guaranteeing the successes on molding business.
  • Superior Technology for Quality Logistic Injection Molding Solution
  • Various premium quality injection machines for best molding of logistic parts, like high speed machine, two-platen machine, energy saving machine…
  • Interchangeable mould solution for different logistic parts production, such as the height, weight, surface, model…
  • Efficient production solution offered based on the whole line analysis and customers’ needs
  • The shortest possible cycle times for the specific logistic parts
  • Minimum energy consumption suggestion offered
  • Decisive Ability for Quality Logistic Injection Molding Solution

    Optimal Part Design

    DKM always follows the requirements of parts for the logistic industry as it is keeping the live communication with experts and customers on logistic molding business. So we have the ability of leading customers on their product development and design, save time and effort.

    Logistic Part Basic Features

  • Durability
  • Resilience
  • Stackable
  • Exact dimensions
  • Meet logistic standards
  • Optimal Part Design - Medical Molding Solution

    Flexible Mould & Machine Solution

    DKM offers multiple solutions to meet the customers’ exact need - various logistic products production at the lowest investment. List some as examples:

    1.Pallet height interchangeable inserts design to help customers make different pallets in one mould;

    2.Suggest the two-platen machines for large pallet containers production to save the floor covering;

    3.High speed injection machines for shortening the cycles of vegetable crates production to 18 seconds;

    High Efficient Logistic Molding System

    DKM provides the complete system for durable and strong logistic parts molding. There is increasing demand for logistic products, and the efficient production would be required by more and more manufacturers. So we are engaged in offering the excellent system to meet this demand, which is not limited to injection molding system, but the automation system and further process system.

    Expertise Medical System - Medical Molding Solution

    Extensive Customer Service & Support

    Worry free about the efficient and stable logistic molding line running, customers could find the comprehensive service and support from DKM. DKM is always here for customers benefiting from consistently high quality. The service and support are including project consulting, online service and technical support, line commissioning, training…

    DKM Logistic Molding Solution Range

    DKM has been offering proprietary one stop solution for various logistic appliances injection molding, including plastic pallets, pallet containers, and plastic crates for transporting vegetables, fruit and food… to help customers make the flexible and cost-saving production.

    DKM Medical Part Molding Solution
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