Agent Wanted|Plastic Machinery Agent-DKM
DKM Agents Wanted
  • Responsibilities
  • Responsibilities
  • DKM support
  • DKM support
  • Qualification
  • Qualification
  • To increase our market presence in certain countries and improve the service response, DKM is looking for positivity and experienced agents to develop or enhance market and provide service and support for DKM plastic injection molding lines, which are or would be running at customers’ factories around the world. The agents will be responsible for marketing, sales and service among the corresponding market. The agents will work as part of the DKM team to make plastic molding more valuable.
    The DKM Support for Agents
  • Marketing Diversity -a complete plastic injection molding lines
  • Marketing Publicity Material Assisted – booklets, leaflets, catalogue, promotion videos, small gifts…
  • International Network Promotion - Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and local advertising
  • Local Exhibition Support
  • Local Plastic Molding Line Sample
  • Dubai Agent
  • Adding value to the DKM machine by branding, which will allow you enjoy the additional value.
  • Making DKM quickly recognized by people everywhere, help you sell the machines easier.
  • Pricing
  • Fair pricing structure, allows agents or distributors with profitable selling.
  • Special financial support for the payment.
  • Quick Response
  • Quick response from DKM in 24 hours service
  • Priority production order and spare parts delivery
  • Long-term supply of spare parts
  • Technical Support
  • Growth---Training Support
  • For local sales team, provide marketing skills.
  • For technician, provide technical training.
  • For managers, provide management and operation concept training.
  • The Responsibilities to be An Agent/Distributor
  • Monitor and positively affect operational performance of local market
  • Interface with customers well to ensure maximum customer satisfaction for DKM
  • Information sharing about customer archives regularly to help preserve the customer relationship together
  • Respond fast to calls for service and support, and arrange to handle within a reasonable amount of time
  • Complete service & support reports timely
  • Agent Responsibilities
    The Qualification to be An Agent/Distributor
    Owns teams with marketing skills & service team & technical consulting
    Experience of selling plastic injection molding machine or mould or other plastic machinery
    Have warehouse for stocking spare parts
    Positive, responsible, eager, studious
    Good credit
    Find the best cooperation’s and commission models make your business successful.
    Welcome to join us, we are looking forward to receiving your presentation. Please feel free to contact us for more information you’d like to learn about DKM and DKM agents.