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    We provide complete plastic bottle production lines delivering quality to help you improve the competitiveness and cater to constant challenge of water market. Till now we have helped the customer established around 500 sets lines in different countries such as Nigeria, Span, Mexico, Iraq, UAE, South Africa, Nepal...

    PET Preform Injection Molding Solutions
    DKM PET Water Bottle Production Line Display

    Efficient production of water bottles by TWO-STEP WAY.

    PET Bottle is made stably and quickly by

    DKM-PET machine

    Blowing machine

    Washing & filling & capping 3 in 1 machine.

    Details of Plastic Bottle Production Line
  • PET Bottle Preform Production Line
  • PET Bottle Preform Line - Mould
  • PET Bottle Preform Line
  • PET Bottle Jar Line - Mould
  • PET Bottle Blowing Line
  • PET Bottle Filling Line
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    DKM Plastic Bottle Production Line List

    I  Preform Production Line

    Equipment: preform mould, PET injection machine, auxiliary machine

    1. Using S136 stainless steel with HRC 48-52 of Stavax Sweden.

    2. We use valve gate for beautiful gate finish. There will be no tail, so there is no need to cut the tail by hand.

    3. We are the most professional preform mould company in our area with rich experience of preform mould. Every year we make around 500 sets of preform moulds with different cavity of 16, 24, 48, 64, 72, 96...

    4. We can offer you the cooling robot that will help you enlarge daily production capacity by reducing cycle time from 25s to 13s.

    5. We have professional mould design team improving mould structure according to the feedback of different customers.

    6. We use Anole hot runner system with German heating elements. Anole is our subsidiary company; we will take care of both mould and hot runner after sales, so you don't need to worry about the hot runner problems.

    7. Special PET injection machine with bigger injection capacity to meet PET injection shot weight requirement, enlarged servo system to support big injection shot weight , Enlarged plasticizing motor for machine bigger torque to meet PET material special characteristic, Enlarged motor, oil pump, servo motor and servo driver to control the production cycle time.

    8. Sales engineers offer a 24h service on line, which makes make inquiry & quotation & communication easy and convenient.


    II  Bottle Blowing line

    Equipment: Blowing machine, auxiliary machine, blowing mould

    1. We have two kinds of blowing machine: automatic blowing machine and semi-automatic blowing machine meet you requirements of different production capacity.

    2. One complete system for the auxiliary machine

    3. We will help you adjust the suitable data for the machine which will be kept in the PLC as a referring.

    4. According to the machine type and production quantity, we will suggest you mould cavity.


    III  Filling Bottle Line

    Equipment: Filling machine, Convey, Capping machine

    1. We will adjust the filling machine with the blowing machine to keep complete line fluent running.

    2. Automatic running to avoid labor cost which can better increase production quantity

    3. With automatic capping machine, you can get the complete water bottle directly.

    4. Connecting with the blowing line, which can realize automatic production.

    DKM Plastic Bottle Production Line Service

    With above three lines, we can help you establish the complete water factory to realize automatic running, what's more, we have a professional after-service team to send to your factory to help you install and adjust, if you need, they also can do a training for your worker with the machine running and maintenance which can better help you get into the market and get the profit ASAP.

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    If you are interested in this line, pls come to us for further information. Welcome your inquiry for DKM Bottle Line!

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