DKM Hydro-Charging Melt Blown Line
  • DKM Hydro-charging Melt
    Blown Fabric Line
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  • DKM Hydro-charging Melt Blown Fabric Line
    DKM complete one piece unit hydro-charging melt blown fabric line, compared with DKM Hydro-Charging Machinery, achieves less space, energy consumption and cost thanks to special hydro-charging system designed by DKM R&D team, which helps you manufacturing FFP2+ / KF94+ melt blown fabrics much more efficiently.
    DKM Hydro-charging Melt Blown Fabric Line Four Highlights

    The whole line is designed with hydro-charging system, considered comprehensively for customers. You could find the advantages compared with the traditional hydro-charging lines.

    Less Floor Space
    Cost Saving
    DKM special design for saving line foot space and cost (unwinding machinery and rewinding machinery are unnecessary).
    DKM fabric dryer is applied with multi-layer design, so the length of it is just about 5 meters, which saves the time for delivering fabrics between traditional dryers as well, make the production more automatic and efficient.
    Energy Saving
    More Output
    The hot air of melt blown process is utilized with drying process of hydro-charging to save the energy.
    DKM fabric dryer based on hot air convection drying reduces the drying time, and thanks to precision moisture sensor, increasing the output of quality fabrics much.
    DKM Hydro-Charging Melt Blown System
    DKM Hydro-charging Melt Blown Fabric Line Process Diagram
    DKM improves the whole process of hydro-charging melt blown production to increase the return on investment and keep the high quality of fabrics in line with high-end market demand: stable on electret, better permeability and low resistance.
    DKM Hydro-charging Melt Blown Fabric Line Process Diagram
    The Difference between Hydro-Charging Method Electret and Electrostatic Electret
    The Hydro-Charging Electret and Electrostatic Electret’ Difference
    Note: the differences are based on the same melt blown fabric before the electret process.
    For DKM1600 Hydro-Charging Method Melt Blown Fabric Production Line
    DKM1600 Hydro-Charging Method Melt Blown Line Specification
    DKM Hydro-Charging Melt Blown Lines
    DKM Service

    DKM provides comprehensive service and support to guarantee that you get the quality hydro-charging melt blown line which would be stable running for long term.

  • Assistant Support
  • If you need help on workshop layout, production process, auxiliary equipment installation or any other prepare work, DKM would response quickly to make the whole project smooth.
  • Consultation
  • DKM teams are here to answer any of your question about the lines to make it worry free.
  • Efficient Schedule Delivery
  • To make it in order, DKM project management team would make rigorous plan and check for the whole project.
  • Custom Solution
  • DKM offers the whole line according to your demand, so there would be custom solutions on machinery, proposal and training.
  • Training
  • Ensure that your workers could operate the line rightly.
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • DKM engineers will come to your factory to help the line start production or assist you online.
  • Life Time Service
  • DKM is always here for you: 24-hour online service and support.
  • Get in touch with DKM for Hydro-charging Melt Blown Fabric Line or any questions.
    DKM Hydro-Charging Melt Blown Line