DKM One Stop Solution of Nonwoven Line
  • DKM SMS Nonwoven Line
  • You can produce light nonwovens with superior quality
    at high productive.
  • DKM One Stop Solution of Nonwoven Line
    One Stop Solution of Nonwoven Line, that’s, DKM offers the whole nonwoven production system well-structured and easy to operate to help customers start their nonwoven fabrics production quicker, save time and cost and get quick payback. From line audit to design, manufacturing, installing and testing, DKM controls all processes to ensure that our customers produce nonwoven fabrics economically, reliably and sustainably.
  • plastic solution advantage 1
  • Save Time
  • plastic solution advantage 2
  • Save Cost
  • plastic solution advantage 3
  • Save Effort
  • DKM One Stop Solution of Nonwoven Line Range
    DKM offers a wide range of nonwoven fabric production lines, and all of them could be customized according to customers’ exact needs thanks to DKM expert teams for nonwoven production system.
    DKM Meltblown Nonwoven Lines
    DKM Spunbond Nonwoven Lines
    DKM Spunmelt Nonwoven Lines
    COMPLETE, CUSTOM and EFFICIENT nonwoven lines
    DKM Nonwoven Line Service
    To keep and improve customers’ competitiveness, DKM provides comprehensive service and support to guarantee the stable and efficient running of nonwoven fabrics lines delivered in long term.
    - Lines covering land planning to make efficient use of space, saving cost as well.
    - Suitable equipment suggested meets the diversified demands.
    - Installation and commissioning assistant by DKM service team.
    - Sound schedule delivery for shortest time spent on line installation.
    - Training at DKM or Customers’ for your technicians.
    - Fast response and support for troubleshooting to reduce the down time.
    Get in touch with DKM for nonwoven production line solution or any questions.