DKM Meltblown Non Woven Lines
DKM Meltblown Non Woven Production Lines
  • Meltblown Non Woven Lines
  • From 800mm to 3200mm
  • DKM Meltblown Non Woven Production Lines

    We offer superior melt blown non-woven fabric lines for the fabric width from 800 to 3200 mm to meet the mid- to high-end market. We guarantee the shortest delivery time thanks to our strong production ability and rigorous line QC. There are custom solutions for making melt blown fabric lines met your requirement.


    DKM Meltblown Non Woven Lines Process

    Make it short, the plastic material is extruded by extruder, and through the meltblown mould, tools and auxiliary equipment, finally become the PP melt blown non-woven fabric with different specification.


    Meltblown Non Woven Line Capacity


    DKM Meltblown Non Woven Lines

     DKM Meltblown Non Woven Lines

    DKM Meltblown Nonwoven Lines

    Meltblown Nonwoven Applications 

    Melt-blown nonwoven fabric could be made by melt blown non-woven lines, which would be finally applied to various industries.


    • Medical Fabrics: Disposable gown, drape market, sterilization, wrap segment, Sanitary products etc.

    • Adsorbents: Sorbents to pick up oil from the surface of water, such as encountered in an accidental oil etc.

    • Filtration media: Filter media, cartridge filters, clean room filters and others.

    • Apparel: Thermal insulation, disposable industrial apparel and substrate for synthetic leather.

    • Electronic Specialties: Liner fabric in computer floppy disks, battery separators and as insulation capacitors.

    • Miscellaneous Applications: Manufacture of tents, elastomeric nonwoven fabrics etc.

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