Nonwoven Fabric Production System

Nonwoven Fabric Production System

The production of nonwoven fabrics takes place in several stages, and usually it’s about three stages: nonwoven fabric forming, bonding and further treatment. Here we are talked about the nonwoven fabric production system profile based on forming stage.


Meltblown Process

Meltblown Process


The melt-blown nonwovens are produced by extruding molten polypropylene (PP) through a meltblown mould to forming fibers under hot air assistant which flow toward to the collector and are cooled to form web.


Spunbond Nonwoven Process

The spunbond nonwovens are made from the molten polymer extruded through a spinbond die: under the cooling air, spun filaments onto a collecting belt in a uniform random manner followed by bonding the fibers.

This process could be applied repeat at same time to meet the exact specification of spunbond nonwovens.

Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric (S)

Spunbond Nonwoven Process


Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric(SS)

SS Spunbond Nonwoven Process

Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric (SSS)

SSS Spunbond Nonwoven Process



Spunmelt Nonwoven Process

Spunmelt nonwoven is made by the combined process of meltblown and spunbond, which are strong and offer the intrinsic benefits of fine fibers. And there are multiple combinations for meltblown and spunbond processes.


Spunmelt Nonwoven Fabric (SMS)

SMS Spunmelt Nonwoven Process


Spunmelt Nonwoven Fabric (SMMS)

SMMS Spunmelt Nonwoven Process 

Spunmelt Nonwoven Fabric (SSMMS)

SSMS Spunmelt Nonwoven Process 

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