DKM Hydro-charging Melt Blown Fabric Line
  • DKM Hydro-charging Melt Blown Fabric Line
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  • DKM Hydro-Charging Machinery
    Making FFP2+ / KF94+ melt blown fabrics by DKM hydro-charging machinery, meet your high-end market of malt blown cloth. DKM offers the whole melt blown fabric production line with hydro-charging method as well to save your time and cost.And there is complete one piece unit hydro-charging melt blown fabric line, saving much space.
    Hydro-Charging Method Process
    Hydro-Charging Method Process
    The hydro-charging method makes the melt blown fabric more stable on electret, getting better permeability, strong adsorption and low resistance, which can achieve good filtration efficiency and meet the requirements of FFP2/FFP3 and other tests.
    The Difference between Hydro-Charging Method Electret and Electrostatic Electret
    Hydro-Charging Method Advantages
    DKM Hydro-Charging Method Machinery Nine Highlights
  • Unwind equipment adopts continuous unwinding structure design.
  • Unwind equipment applies buffer structure.
  • There are segmenting drying treatment for many times in drying equipment.
  • Drying equipment adopts high - matching honeycomb dehumidifier to dehumidify the air.
  • Drying equipment adopts thermocouple to accurately feedback the actual temperature of the heating rod.
  • The exhausting system of drying equipment uses frequency conversion to control the speed to ensure even air exhausting.
  • High pressure water pump with frequency conversion ensures accurate control.
  • Professional pure water preparation system.
  • Rewind equipment with speed adjusted does fabric winding and cutting automatically.
  • DKM Hydro-Charging Method Machinery
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    DKM Hydro-Charging Method Machinery Specification
    For DKM1600 Hydro-Charging Method Melt Blown Fabric Production Line
    DKM Hydro-Charging Method Machinery Specification
    DKM Hydro-Charging Melt Blown Machinery Specification
    Hydro-Charging Melt Blown Machinery Specification - DKM
    DKM Service
    DKM provides comprehensive service to meet the diversified demands and fast response ensure that customers could run the machinery well without unnecessary down time and finally produce high-end melt blown fabric efficiently. The expert service team and the other teams are always here for any support.
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  • Custom design on machinery
  • Efficient schedule delivery
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  • Get in touch with DKM for nonwoven production line solution or any questions.
    DKM Hydro-Charging Melt Blown Line