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    Sino Mould, engaged in quality moulds manufacture and innovation, is one of the melt blown mould standard makers in China, providing the superior melt blown moulds with high quality and fast delivery.
    One of the setters of 《Melt Blown Mould Standard》
    Own more than 300 worldwide users for Melt Blown Fabric Moulds
    The world famous mould maker---Sino Mould
    Melt Blown Fabric Mould Specification
    Melt Blown Fabric Mould Specification
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  • Mask Fabric Mould
  • Melt Blown Dies Specification
  • Chinese Melt Blown Mould
  • Melt Blown Mould -1600mm
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  • We have expert experience and attach great importance to research and development on high quality melt blown mould.
  • Sino Mould take rigorous QC on tooling process and control the dimensions tolerance on each part of the melt blown mold.
  • Hundreds of customers are satisfied with our melt blown moulds.
  • Quick response to any demands of you thanks to one-to-one service team,solve pre- and after-sales questions efficiently.
    Melt Blown Mould Spinnerets
    There are precision spinnerets available for you. Through the precision processes: micro hole machining, hydrofinish polishing, microscopic examination, etc. Ensure the final uniform fabric production.
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  • Melt Blown Spinnerets
  • SINO Spinneret Quality VS Others Spinneret Quality
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    With our Korea Service Center, we could offer comprehensive service and technical support to free your worry about the further production quality of the melt blown moulds and reduce the unnecessary downtime.
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    Help you get the spare parts at the first time to ensure the efficient production, such as temperature control boxes, spinnerets, heating rods, etc.
    Complete Instructions
    Showing you the details and notes on melt blow mould installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, to help you make smooth production.
    One Stop Solution
    There are complete solutions to meet your exact demands by our expert team, which are not limited in melt blown moulds but the machines, auxiliary equipment, etc.
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