DKM Nonwoven Fabric Technology Cooperates with GSHK Holding

  • 2021-11-18
    DKM & Sino Mould

    Friday, November 5, 2021

    Zhejiang, China-- DKM Nonwoven Fabric Technology, a member of Sino Holdings Group announced today that it has received a multi-million-dollar order from GSHK Holding for its suite of manufacturing Systems. This complement of tools will be shipped to GSHK’s factory in Morocco and is comprised of Melt blown Manufacturing Equipment and Non-Woven Manufacturing equipment. Sino Holdings currently has already delivered some of the machinery and the balance to be shipped in early 2022.


    Naseer Sayed, Chairman of GSHK Holding, commented, “We have an aggressive plan to become the first true company brining manufacturing of solar energy, hygienic polypropylene and melt blown products in Africa. As a premium provider of solar panels, the new manufacturing unit will cater to markets in Africa and Europe. DKM Nonwoven Fabric Technology have convinced us that their technology and process support will help us achieve our goals.”


    About Group Solar Hong Kong (GSHK Holding Ltd.)

    GSHK Holding has become a world-class holding company working in the field’s solar cells, solar modules, inverters and now in nonwoven and melt blown products. With offices in China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Germany, and Morocco. Our client base includes corporations, businesses, and governments. By offering unique state of the art premium solar panels, GSHK has become the first and a leader in Mono and CIGS solar cell technology in the world.


    About DKM Nonwoven Fabric Technology (Sino Holdings Group)

    DKM Nonwoven Fabric Technology is system provider specializing in the development of non-woven meltblown system, injection molding systems, hardware integration, installation and commissioning, and process training. The spunbond lines(S, SS, SSS) and spunmelt lines (SMS, SSMS, SMMS, SSMMS) have been successfully launched on the international market.

    In the early stage of research and development, DKM team keep mission of “create greater value for customers”, has conducted a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the safety, stability, efficiency and energy saving of the production line, and in the service process, constantly learn from experience, constantly optimize the details. DKM has a group of outstanding mechanical engineers and intelligent automation experts. At the same time, DKM Internal School has trained a large number of technical talents and technologists for the company, providing a strong talent guarantee for all DKM projects and production line turnkey services.